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When I wake up in the morning, the first thing came to my mind is, "What would I'm going to create today and how?"

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I welcome you to this post on Design Stripes, one of your favorite creativity blog posts. I'm so grateful that you came here for a creative diet. I'm Honey Sharma, a great observer and design enthusiast, who loves to read, listen and watch anything about design creation and every day's creativity. 

Start Designing In My Way- I am going to reveal my personal experiences, which I collected while working on some design projects. I will also ask you a few complex questions that our mind usually throws every time we began to create something.

Designing is a creative task, so it needs to be free from any rules and boundaries. If we go by the definition of creativity, it is clearly described as, "Creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something new." and imagination cannot be bounded. Imagination is limitless and so does a creative person, but when creativity is used to complete designing projects then it becomes compulsory to follow a well-structured design plan.

In the creative industry, designers used to follow a routine along with tight timelines so that they can create what the client has expected to do so within a specified time frame.

Since my early days, I believe that creativity in designing is not an ordinary people's task as not everybody could be creative. In fact, creativity is a blessing to those children whose early childhood is full of creative events and were surrounded by excellent designs. Creativity is an inborn ability to create or build something new in a unique way. Creativity is a result of the strong influence of exposure to children in the early days.

Design Disciplines involves Visuals, User interface and User Experience
Design Disciplines involve Visuals, User interface, and User Experience.

It is very well said that, "One cannot change his or her past but can shape future by following a disciplined and structured approach" In the field of designing, this rule is very well applicable. By design discipline, I don't mean to put limits on your imagination. I want you to adopt a structured design routine so that you can make your imagination and ideas into reality every time you need it.

During my last year, I learned a very vital lesson of life that is, "Change is inevitable." So we need to be resilient enough to adopt any kind of change, whether it could be a change in our daily work routine or any other change demanded from our client's end. Here, a well-structured plan will help us to restructure our work post-change.


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