Design Process: Actual meaning of designing a process

People usually get puzzled between the design process and designing a process. One who reads aimlessly may overlook these vital terms, but these two keywords are used in diverse fields for various goals.

I'm so thrilled to see you here on Design Stripes for enriching your design thinking. Here in this blog, I explained the design process definition with some elementary examples. I have used an extremely simple design process example to help you understand. However, these definitions are not extracted from any dictionary but based on my experience I achieved at various design process stages.
Gathering information for execution of design process.
Design Process

I will aid you to differentiate both terms with an elementary example. One thing I want to clarify that these Design Processes could be similar to the Graphic Design Process but not the same for the Architectural Design Process.

Design Process

The Design Process constitutes a systematic series of steps taken by qualified designers by keeping in mind the necessities of design and client's expectations, along with maintaining elevated levels of pleasure and aesthetics.

If you want to design a car, then you have to adopt a design process to create a car. You initially try forming a sketch of the car's exterior and later go for interior designing. After some sketching, you would translate the sketch into a digital format to create a model. And if everything appears satisfactory, you may prefer utilizing modeling software to edit and reproduce the design. At this point, you have to adopt a process of design only to develop a design.

Design Process Steps:

  1. Create your Problem Statement.
  2. Start gathering Design Information.
  3. Write Ideas & Analyze them.
  4. Develop Design Process.
  5. Ask for Feedback.
  6. Learn, Analyze & Improve.
    A man planning to execute design steps
    Create problem statement

Create your Problem Statement.

The first and foremost thing while crafting a process for designing is to point out your problem. Use as many words as possible to describe your problem statement. The more clarity of design problem you have the more effective solution you will be capable to embed into your ultimate design. An excellent design always combats a problem and is a design symbol of an experienced designer.

Start gathering Design Information.

Design information is extremely critical. The more & more design knowledge you have the better will represent the design to combat the problem. Design information means, the knowledge about audiences and people affecting the problem. 

Write Ideas & Analyze them.

While defining the problem statements or gathering design information. You must write the design ideas that occur in your brain. Once you collect a bunch of ideas then start analyzing them. Analysis of creative ideas will help you modify the design process later on.

Develop Design Process.

Start sketching design flow charts. Start solving problems in parts. Once you make a flow chart while solving each part of the problem, you will slowly craft the design process.
Rearrange and modify the sequence of the process and start exercising it for readymade design samples.

Ask for Feedback.

Once you complete all the above steps you should ask for honest feedback for your process. Try to find as much feedback from a variety of users. Feedback is considered satisfactory if you introduce your design process to beginners and experts.

Learn, Analyze & Improve.

While developing a process for design, you will discover many things. Once you gather feedback from different design users, you will receive much advice. After so much effort and modifications if you realize that your design process needs some alternations. Later go for process alteration. Once a good design process is always a good design source so, don't hesitate to re-modify.

Designing A Process

Designing a Process is setting a set of rules for capturing the inputs into a system to expect a result or output from it. Where the design process is a ready-made method used to craft designs.

This morning, one of my friends inquired me about a way to complete routine chores without delaying any of them. I supported him in developing a process.
A girl designing process for graphic designing.
Graphic designer

I wisely suggest him to carefully
 follow certain essential steps every typical day, like faithfully keeping a priority-based digital to-do list with striking reminders. He established a process of creating reminders for the to-do list for work and then checking off the list after completing them. Here making a to-do list is an input, a reminder by the system represents a rule, and getting work done is a result of following a process.

In the above two-paragraph which helped in understanding the design process and designing a process, where you used a sketching-to-modeling process, which remains a predefined process for designing a car. You implemented such a complex process where you can gain your desired goal of obtaining an intended car properly designed. On the other hand, you initiated a series of steps for an undefined work and systematically employed them to achieve a desired output. You can print these design process pdf by saving this page as PDF.


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