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Not everyone has done everything right after their birth. Just like most of us, we do prefer to do things correctly on the very first try. Getting results as per expectations requires a lot of research before executing. I believe that asking the right questions will help to gather more information quickly. A good question answered with complete information is support in every research. Well, thanks to the community of online people who don't hesitate to ask questions. We provide logo designing services so based on the various interaction with the clients we gathered a set of frequently asked questions for you to better understand our services.

What is a LOGO?

A logo is a symbol or a figure that is adopted by an organization, business, or company as an emblem to represent themselves and to carry the logo as a mark for their identity, promotions, and brand communications. A typical logo has an appearance of either a figure, image, some unique design, symbol, or even an animation. A logo is usually created by graphic designers who are often called logo makers. Every brand enterprise opts for a unique logo and no two logos are the same because of the uniqueness of the companies. The main motive of a logo is the identification of a brand or an organization however the use of a logo is not limited to identifications only. Today, logo developers are using high-order creativity to make visually communicating logos that are widely used by the marketing teams to promote their business and sell brand value. Professional logo designers use the balanced combination of color, image, design, symbol, proportions, and context to create visually pleasant appearing logo designs. A logo once adopted by any company stays for a longer duration of time because it speaks a lot about the organization. 

The common use of logos are:

  • To deliver a strong brand message to their potential customers.
  • To develop the uniqueness of a brand or a product in the market.
  • To tell the market about the roles and objectives of the organization.

Types of Logos

There is a wide range of logotypes from designing a company logo to a professional brand logo design. The common elements of every logo consist of 3-4 variables and logo designers focus most of their time to make adjustments in these elements to create an appealing unique logo design. 

The elements used in the development of the logo are:

  1. Text & Figures
  2. Image & Context
  3. Design & Symbols
  4. Color & Gradients
There are mostly 6 types of logo designs that are popular among graphic designers:

1. Monogram Logo

This type of logo consists of a mono design that is formed with either single color or theme. This often popular in schools and institutes.

2. Symbolic Logo

A design which is made up of a symbol or the logo design which itself as a whole represents a symbol. This design contains a figure created by a logo maker using some design tool.

3. Wordmark Logo

It is widely adopted by companies for their promotion because this kind of design consists of words and text which is usually presented in a visually appealing way.

4. Combination Mark Logo

As the name of the logo defines, it is a combined logo for markings and words. It consists of a symbolic figure or sometimes an image embedded into a wordy text. 

5. The Emblem

This kind of logo usually adopted by organizations and NGOs. They are created using circles and other vintage look graphics.

6. Pictorial Logo

This is the simplest type of logo which consists of some famous picture presented inanimated or cartoonists format.

Designing a Logo

Designing a logo is like creating any kind of visual graphic either by drawing with a pencil or using advanced design software. The process of creating a symbol for the identity of the brand is called logo designing. Creating a professional company logo design involves a few processes listed below.

Steps in logo designing process:

  • Understanding client's objectives
  • Conceptualization of logo
  • Planning for values, objective, brand message
  • Creation of logo
  • Modification & Alterations
  • Permission & Approval
  • Application of logo

A logo is created by religiously following the above-listed procedure. Any design process is initiated by understanding the requirements of the client and their brand objectives. After understanding the motive behind the creation of the logo, the graphic designer then forms a concept of the logo which will be used throughout the design process. The creation process involves producing the concept either in sketch form or in digital format using advanced design software. The design once created is not a sign of completion of the process as it requires certain modifications and alterations suggested by the client or the design team. After creating the main logo and its alteration now is the time to present the creativity to the client. It is usually becoming a tradition that the first few samples are rejected by the client after the final approval of the design. If all things went well then it will be used as the company's identity.

Why logo design FAQ required?

The FAQ is the abbreviation of frequently asked questions and logo design FAQ here implies that those questions are often asked by clients or repeatedly comes to every new graphic designer.  The FAQs are helpful to both clients and designers. It is usually created for clients to clear their obvious queries by their own reading. The other important use of these questions is getting comfortable with your job by exploring the possible question a real client may ask. The frequently originating queries are required at promotional brochures and websites. Many companies post such queries on their official websites and update them regularly to answer the most popular problems of their client and to reduce the load on customer care. Questions are important because a query if unknown comes to us, makes our mind alert and attentive. A successful designer is one who himself have gone through possible client question and know their answers in-depth before confronting any client. By getting deeper into your core business you're creating expertise in your team or yourself. The more questions you will explore more you will be close to perfection. We suggest you sit for some time and try figuring out what is the most frequent question that your customer asks. Write the answers in the simplest language possible and post them either on your social media page or on your official website.

How to answer the FAQ questions?

Exploring the thousands of questions via brainstorming or a smart Google search is not enough. Even writing them or posting them on social is not enough if you have not prepared a correctly formatted answer to resolve the queries of real customers. The art of answering questions determines how you handle the problem and how experienced you are in your domain. Many logo makers and even some big design companies fail to answer the exact query of the customer. A helpful answer not only clears the burden to customer care but also helps your design team to understand the corrective measures in the right way. After exploring the FAQ question now it is time to find the answers and write them in the easiest language possible. Some questions can be easily answered by you but some may require you to brainstorm with your team or other design departments. It is okay to ask for help. 

The correct format of answering the FAQ involves

  • Address query in the shortest way possible.
  • Keep the language and fonts simple.
  • Use bullet points and numbering.
  • Break long answers into steps.

Things to avoid while answering logo design FAQ

  • Don't use jargons
  • Avoid short forms or abbreviation
  • Don't forget to add a reference
  • Avoid using a negative tone
  • Avoid unnecessary elongation of answer
  • Avoid using smilies or symbols

Read all the questions and answers so that you can have confidence in buying our service. Although we covered almost every query we welcome you to raise your doubt in the comment sections. We will try to respond to every query as soon as possible but you can mail us any personal suggestion at deal.designstripes@gmail.com.

Frequently Asked Questions

Multiple question marks indicates many questions.

1. What will it cost me to have different sizes and backgrounds for my Logo Designs?

Ans. We provide different sizes of the logo for printing in various mediums free of cost. We also send you a transparent background version so you can change background colors on a need basis.

The major expense involved in creating a logo design is calculated based on the amount of time consumed while arriving at correct thought process and satisfying the client. The cost of any logo design is derived after understanding the size of challenge the client have come up with so it does not matter to any graphic designer to give you the design in different sizes or format. Once a design is ready and approved by the client then you have to pay for it not for its sizes or formats or any other technical requests. Designer charges for making designs not sizes.

2. What if I do not like the Logo Design I get?

Ans. There is no need to worry if you're not getting what you dreaming for. Its okay to ask for as many designs alternative as you want but a good graphic designer never allow you to go for more modifications as he spend his much time learning your objective and requirement before proceeding for creation. Go to a good logo maker who can offer you unlimited design alterations but gives you 1-2 approximate design to finalize in between. Here your role as a client is crucial too, you have to tell everything about the design you want otherwise the loop of revisions would never end.

We do a thorough investigation and company research before crafting a design concept. That's why we keep our initial consultations and discussion free of cost to better understand your product & services you're offering to the market. Although even after using a structured approach, you don't like our design, we do not hesitate to do unlimited revisions until we fine-tune your logo based on your expectations.

3. How many Logo Design revisions will you make?

Ans. A logo revision is the logo design that is derived from making adjustments in the parent design. The adjustment could be change is proportions, color, renovation in gradient scheme or complete change of the logotype. Logo makers offer several revision up to a certain count. If any client wants more revisions then their stipulated count then designer would re-conduct the consultation process to understand the client's expectations. Although the business of graphic designing runs on the management of time. If a design project demands more time then it must pay a handsome revenue as well.

We have many logo design plans for you. Based on your purchased designing plan, we offer several revisions. To learn more about pack & pricing visit our website: www. design stripes.in

4. Do I have to pay up any other hidden charges for my Logo Design?

Ans. Simply No, We always love to keep transparency in our work. We believe in long-term customer relationships and, we are confident in our services that we do charge by keeping our customers informed. There are no hidden charges involved in any designing service.

The process of buying a design is as simple as buying a chocolate from your favourite shop. You do not have to worry about the costing of a particular design if you're in consultation with the right design agency. Designer usually mention the policy beforehand while proceeding for logo making. Typically there is no extra money charged to client for any request or service. However they can inform you in advance if there will be some charges involved in modification or redesigning of finalized logo design. Its better to ask before.

5. How can I get suggestions on my logo?

Ans. There is an widest and deepest ocean of suggestion available if we try finding in logo design. Any company logo ever created does not finalized from the sets of already created designs but every logo is custom made based on the marketing, advertising and business perspectives. If you are not clear about your expectations or something in your mind is blurred and you are not able to describe that design in words then you can use the help of google search or take suggestion from designer's portfolio. Every graphic designer have some presets to inspire the client for the logo design.
Design Stripes will be happy to consult you. You can visit our contact us page for more details.

6. Is Design Stripes a completely online company?

Ans. Yes. Design Stripes deals remotely from all locations.
Design Stripes is an online company just like any other service provider who can provide their services without having any physical visit. We works remotely from different parts of the globe and we have the most talented pool of designers to meet every challenging expectation of client. Design Stripes have an expertise in graphic designing, logo consultation and logo making. We do provide free consultations to selected customers in order to experience our best service. We provides solutions to special visual communication problems which often arises in marketing and advertising of business.


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