A fair age for retirement

A fair age for retirement

Elderly people are the most important part of our society. Being a senior citizen is not a small feat. As per government norms, it takes 60 years for a newborn to acquire a label of a senior citizen. These people have a remarkable place in our society due to their continuous contributions, valued experience, and wise advisory. They work for years and years to reach this age. People working in any organization must work only till a stipulated age. This will keep the organization productive, efficient, and young. Some jobs require only young professionals to handle the work and execute the goals of organizations. Limiting the age of retirements will vacant the seats for the newer generation to acquire. I consider it is unfair to retire people only at fixed age irrespective of their occupation and job profiles. In my opinion, the age of 60 years should not be same for all sectors and segments of any organization because some occupation requires more productivity than others while some job demands high order precision and accuracy to carry out the task satisfactorily. There are some sectors like the army, security, and police which involve strenuous tasks all of the time.

The old man in the photo depicting the age of retirement.

In an organization, if different people are recruited differently and later assigned their work differently then why should all of them retire at a fixed age. The ascending age decreases the productivity of every individual and working at low productivity slows the pace of whole organizations. For example, in the judiciary, we may need a fully matured person to carry out the finest judgment but if we see the number of pending cases then expectations of fine judgment would be inversed. The reason behind the slow processing of these cases could be many but non-productivity is one of the concerning reasons here. People working at higher ages may take more time than usual to understand and process the case whereas a young professional will complete the case as early as possible. To improve the efficiency of the whole organization we must acknowledge the role of age of people in the structure of the organization. The sectors that require productivity the most should have lower age for retirement of people so that we can have faster processing and efficiency on the desk.

Doctors have proven records that the power of concentration is inversely proportional to age. The jobs that require a very high level of accuracy and precision are meant for young people who have a good command of their sensory organs. Worker of higher ages loses this ability to focus and concentrate on tasks and occasionally found committing mistake during the execution. Some mistakes can cause severe loss to the organization and cannot be corrected. Such a job profile should restrict people very before they reach the age for losing focus.

Some jobs are tougher not only for elderly people but also for the freshers. These jobs involve heavy tasks which require full-body movements and tiring in nature. For example, see the work profile of any traffic policeman or security bodyguards you can easily identify their extra efforts involved during their work time. These jobs are usually tough and would not only trouble the peaceful life of elderly people but also can force them mentally to quit the job on their own very before the actual age of retirement. In such felid jobs, the organization must retire their employees as soon as they touch their 50s.

The length of time that a person has lived or a thing has existed.
Age: The length of time that a person has lived.

I cannot say that the decided age limit of 60 years by the concerned authority is chosen without any observation or ground report. It is okay to certain sectors but its application on retirement becomes unfair when we retire all people at this age without looking into their job roles and work nature. Every organization works differently and requires people of all age groups but it is obvious fact that the productivity of a young professional would be much higher than an elder one. An organization can’t risk money and its people for the mere compromise at accuracy at work. Our elderly people should be used to take advisory and suggestion and must be in a role of consultation rather than doing a strenuous hard field job in late years of occupation. With regards to the strength and effort requirements, we should limit the age of retirement to an early mark and should strictly retire or relocate people by looking into their job profile, workload, and necessary demand of the job.

The differential retirement will increase the churn rate of employees and it will keep the organization young and fresh. Our government should revisit the retirement guidelines and must include the provision to relocate the aging people within the organization to a comfortable job role based on their past performance and capabilities and regulate a sectorial-wise new age marking for retirements.


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