Ignoring Local Languages

Do you remember what local language does your parents or grandparents speaks? Probably not. This happens with most of us and the reason behind this is not we forget to ask our parents about it but the sad truth that we as a whole society is inclined toward a particular language more than any other i.e., English. Most parts of our lives are made from the society we live in. We follow most of the things that we see our parents doing or we repeat the things which we learned from school. For the last five years, I have barely used my local language because of the fact that there is no place or institution which asks me to write or speaks in the local language. Neither it is a part of my school curriculum nor anybody communicates in this language. The main reason for ignoring our local language is the favoritism towards a particular language, lack of system or institution that uses it, and increasing erosion of local communities.

Everyone has a choice to choose whatever they feel like choosing but someone’s favorite cannot be imposed on all. The favoritism of internationally spoken English language led us to forget our ground realities. Our children and colleagues are not using their local languages because everyone’s favorite becomes ours too. Our past is linked more or less the way we communicate. One should understand that favoring a culture must be supreme than a language. Our culture and past are directly linked with the language we speak and use.

Presenting culture through open mic
Presenting culture with the help of open-mic

Everything in this world requires a proper system to expand and flourish so do our local languages. We have seen that the system and the institution that we are currently in, uses English languages so thoroughly that there is not even an option to use our locals. The extent of the use of the English language is such that we are recognized and classified based on the fluency and the accent of the language we have, rather than the cultural background we possess. This is because our educational system, administrative system, and public systems have ignored the importance of culture that a local language binds within the society. If our systems do not change then sooner or later of the diversity of community will be lost.

Why we are concerned about a language that is a local one? It is crucial to notice that a language helps our community bind. We recognize and trust the person who looks similar or speaks in the language we use daily. The influence of the higher demand for English led to the erosion of our community who earlier used to cherish it. Most of our people are speaking English for generations because of which the local communities are shrunk now. A language is meant to be spoken between more than a person so if the local people won’t be there who would use these local languages with?

Women coming together to support local languages.
Support local languages

Ignorance of any local language will harm the cultural diversity of any society. We should limit the extensive inclination of our children towards only one language. We should build systems that provide opportunities to use local languages to whoever wants to use and we should encourage utilization of the local languages with the help of diversified cultural systems. The main effect behind losing local languages is losing local communities and debonding between the local peoples. We should establish a language community that spreads the diversity and beauty of our ground languages through various activities to upcoming generations.



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