The compulsion of physical education in school

The Importance of physical education in schools

Hospitals are the places that nobody wishes to visit except we are in medical occupation. To many, hospitals are the scariest place to go on, and everyone prays for their health and well-being. Is a simple prayer enough for us and our family to stay healthy?. We know who visits hospitals and in fact, we must have gone at least one at some part of our life but we or anyone why do they have to go to a hospital if all had prayed for better health? The answer: because a simple prayer is not enough to keep us protected from diseases or injuries. Physical education is the most useful-practical subject in our life. We should not only study it as a subject, but also adopts its principles in life, to live long and healthy. In my opinion, physical education should be a compulsory subject in school and higher education. This subject helps in understanding the importance of physical activities in our life. It creates an affinity towards sports and athletics and helps kids in the overall development right from school.

Physical activities should be a part of the school curriculum because the more the child is active in muscular activities, the better health he will possess. Physical education can teach children about the benefit of yoga, exercise, and meditation. Once a child acquires any of these healthy habits, he will soon adopt them as a lifelong habit. This subject can help the students live a better life even after passing school when they step into a big world full of possibilities. A student with proper knowledge of physical education can deal with stress and mental challenges and reduces the risk of depression or anxiety.

There are multiple types of children in a school, possessing various talents and skills. Majorly there are two categories in students, the one who is excellent in academic and the other who are bad at it. Physical education can be a good option for those students who lack interest in studies. It could be a blessing to those students who are fond of playing. A physical education in school curriculum can help our world gets better players, athlete and sportsperson. Students curious to build a career in the field of sports can have better guidance right from the school. This practical subject will arouse the interest of kids towards games and sports.

A typical child spends around 10 to 12 years in school, and a teenage child is acquiring multiple things during this period. Conventional education is developing his intellectual abilities wherein physical education can support in the growth of body and attitude. This subject, if applied practically in school, can help children adopt a better personality. This subject includes subdisciplines like sports, yoga, fitness test, attitude development, and leadership topics. These areas are demanding in the world, and students having such soft-skills can explore better opportunities globally.

All in all, we believe in the sayings that a beautiful mind stays in a healthy body, and if we are sending our child for developing a better mind then, a physical education can support the cause. Exercise and fitness will be always required by every person from childhood till parenthood so educating children on the subject will attract their attention towards the positive benefits in life. The teaching of practical concepts in schools will make the student interested in sports, and studies, and it will help them explore their true interest. Sports are considered as the best practice to learn self-discipline and leadership. Physical education in school will produce better leaders in the future and help our child gain confidence and guide children in successfully leading a healthy life.


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