Design Stripes's Logo design approach:

Design Stripes's Logo design approach:

We at design stripes were struggling in the early days while acquiring new clients because we haven't established a designing protocol. We also become frightened when some urge us to proceed with the design. Many times we have to call the customer asking his expectation about design which causes lots of disturbance to the client. 

Overtime we decided to build a simple design quiz that can provide us a lot more information about the client's perspective for logo design. Hence, we gathered some of the key topics that designers traditionally use while interviewing his client. Most importantly, you're getting all of these questions for free!

Think deep about your company: Company logo speaks about company

Q.1.What is your Company/Service/Organisation name?

Q.2.What services or products do you provide?

Q.3.What is your company's objective?

Q.4.Can you describe your business ?

Q.5.How long has your company been established ?

Q.6.Slogan or tagline of your company?

Q.7.Who are your main competitors ?

Q.8.What are the strengths of your company?

Q.9.What are the values/mission of your company?

Q.10.Think about your business and describe your business in one short sentence.

Q.11.What kind of image do you want to build up from your logo?

Before designing a logo: Know Your Audience

Q.1. Who is your audience ?

Q.2.What is the audience's age group?

Q.3.Are they mainly males or females?

Q.4.Where do most of your audience live?

Q.5.What two things you want your public to realise when they hear about your company?

Q.6.How do you communicate with your target people?

Ask about desires: Logo Expectations

Q.1.Do you already have a logo 

Q.2.Is there any logo/logotype that you dislike? If yes, please answer

Q.3.If you already have a logo. What do you like or dislike about it?

Q.4.Why did you want a logo?

Q.5.Where will you use your logo?

Q.6.What do you want in your logo?

Q.7.Logo should be?

Q.8.What colors you like?

Q.9.In your opinion, what defines a successful logo?

Q.1o Do you have any present idea in your mind about your company logo?

Q.11.Do you have a set budget in mind for the new logo?

Your involvement in logo designing

Q.1.How frequently would you like to communicate for designing logo?

Q.2.Any restriction while designing your logo? If yes, tell us

Q.3.How many revisions or concepts would you like to see?

Q.4.Do you have a deadline that needs to be consider?


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