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What is graphic designing?


Graphic designing is a graphical method of visual communication established between the graphics and the viewer. Graphic designing is a sub-discipline of design, which helps in enhancing the transmission of specific messages to several groups of people using graphics. It is an activity of playing with lines, colors, and shades which can help designers earn money. Many people consider it as a creative academic discipline in arts and visual graphics.


Graphic designing is the art of solving communication problems and supporting the decision-making process with the help of creative visuals and illustrations. It is a sub-discipline of design, usually involved design thinking, creative imagination, and innovative thinking. 

Brief History

The subject of graphic designing is as old as human existence, from the drawings on the mountains intended to communicate history to the designing of great pyramids. The humans once started facing communication challenges they discovered the visual ways of telling what’s in their mind is. Since then, we are only optimizing the called visual communication process by innovating digital tools and exercising creative thinking. 

In past, the application of graphic designing was not so vast as today but there was so much scope to discover new applications. Earlier, drawings were the simplest form of graphics so people used them as road signs and in construction activities. The use of simple typography and drawings were to communicate the direction of streets, the name of the building, the name of the emperor, and its builder. That’s it. Although the history of graphics is very deep we will only need to know that it is not a modern exercise carried out by some fancy design engineers. 

From the period of human existence till today, we use graphic designing in every place, from depicting history to the world or designing a book cover to the livery of airplanes.

Recent Trend

The field is very dynamic and constantly improving on its own. The design depends on the country's culture to the individual personality type. Graphic designing has been improved a lot and the way we represent information is much easier the past. This sub-discipline is consistently evolving new tools for presenting design thinking and helping the decision-making process. 

The latest trend based on my experience tells that, we had complexed the process of designs in past due to excess use of all the available tools but now designers are moving towards the simple-sleek design philosophy. The minimalistic attitude of designers is guiding them to develop easy to comprehend informative designs. The access to an infinite variety of color pallets is enabling graphic designers to create solid-colored flat icons. The trend pushes the use of 2 dimensions graphics and basic geometric figures. The extended popularity of graphics in videos will remain in trend for some more time. The use of classic fonts will stay as increasing as in previous years.

Future Scope

The future scope of graphical designing will be upsurging due to the increase in consumption of digital media. Today, we are gathered almost by graphics all around us. Graphics are involved in our social media platforms, newspapers, movies, packaging, and even in academic tutorials. The domain of graphic designing is much broader than we think, it has now expanded so much that we need skillful designers in the sub-disciplines of graphic designing. This field of study has both career options- either to start your own business and provide excellent designing services like "Design Stripes" or to get a high-paying job and reach the corporate ladder up to the chief designer. 

The designing job is a creative job that depends on an individual's passion and innovation in building excellent designs. As digital marketing is expanding rapidly in each and every sector of the country so the fortune of graphic designers will be bright in the future. Hence there is not much to worry about in the future scope of graphical designs.


All in all the graphic design is the oldest and widely used branch of art and visual science. It has many sub-disciplines which makes it more versatile in nature. Nowadays people who are passionate about graphical designing are undergoing a full academic course from popular universities and out of them, some are even conducting research on their own. 

The scope of development in this field will stay on the top because the trend in graphic design changes every year, currently graphic designers are focused on developing simple and sleek designs having pleasant color shades. The market demands a highly skilled creative designer who is as passionate as innovative. Students pursuing degree courses in this field have options of business and job. The scope of graphics is directly linked with business because of its multi-functional sub-disciplines. 

Graphic designing is basically a method of visual communication established after thorough design thinking often initiated by a creative designer. The persons who practice and learns visual development with the help of certain design tools are known as "graphic designers"

Who are graphic designers?

A graphic designer is a person who practices or creates visually appealing or useful drawings or patterns commonly known as graphics, with the help of some design software coupled with certain physical hardware like printers, digital pens, or screens. There is a minute difference between an ordinary designer or a graphic designer, however, the difference is worth learning. Every designer is responsible for solving some or other kind of problem but the graphic designers are liable to make the communication efficient with the use of visual graphics or drawings. The roles of such designers increase or decrease based on the application of their skills as the person who is designing as an employee uses his skills in delivering the best design in the stipulated time frame. 

In a design job, there is no tension of looking after the revenue and sales of your working you only have to follow the guidelines of your company that's it. On the other hand, graphic designers who run their design agency can have more responsibilities than an employee.

What does a graphic designer do?

A graphic designer does dozens of things and can do thousands of chores depending upon the place and the project they are located in. If a graphic designer is an entrepreneur then he is the sales guy, service manager, marketing head, and obviously graphic designer of his own enterprise. If a graphic designer is working for another company as an employee then he acts as a collaborator, designer, executive, and responsible person for handling clients' rejections and grudges. 

The entrepreneurship side of a graphic designer is much intended as it involved both front-end working as well as back-end working. A typical graphic designer does consult clients, create effective designs and often times brainstorm with his teammates in order to solve the design problem. Earlier the main tasks of these designers involved only packaging production, poster design, logo development, and billboard banners but the new generation graphic designer are highly skilled and versatile in his job. Today's designer can do the above things very easily but also can do website designs, advertising campaigns, and even manages the marketing of any business.

Where do graphic designers work?

A graphic designer practicing any sub-discipline like logo designing, web development, marketing enhancement, or others can do work anywhere on the globe provided he is with his design partners. I call the internet, laptop, Strong PC, pen, sketchbook, pencils, and design software as a design partner of any graphic designer and that's because without them a designer is nothing.

A typical designer works in an office that is equipped with internet connectivity, a couple of strong powered personal computers, and dark coffee machines. Yes, caffeine is very important to keep the nerves awake because every creative field requires intensive work combined with continuous multi-tasking. Not now but earlier too the graphic designers works remotely keeping less attendance in the physical office. The nature of the job allows a graphic designer to work from home. There are not defined time boundaries nor any set of rules or guidelines because it's a creative job and you cannot ruin it with rules and regulations. 

Graphic designing is desk work but if you're running a business then you may have to travel for revenue, marketing, and occasionally to the client premise if there is some serious design grudge.

Daily Job of a designer.

A typical day of any designer starts with certain rituals that are not involved directly in the design business but indirectly help designers to outperform in their job. I call these rituals creative habits, these involve exploring certain things while commuting, watching TV, or talking with someone, many designers start their day with meditation and a brisk walk in order to boost their creative levels and patience levels to handle client's expectations. These creative rituals may differ from designer to designer but they are indirect and the ones that a graphic designer does in the office are working on 2-3 design software sometimes even simultaneously. Scribbling something on the paper, scratching and redrawing the same scratch. 

A graphic engineer puts his efforts into design conceptualization before commencing any design process. The repetitive tasks in a graphic designer's job are to take feedback of the creative, take design approval and either proceed with the process or restart the design. A graphic designer consults clients, brainstorm with teammates and even collaborate with other graphic designers.

Do graphic designers paid well?

The answer to the above question is yes, graphic designers are paid well but only if they are successful graphic designers. The earning of any designer depends on various factors like skills, competition, experience, and client base. The designing industry has attracted lots of individuals based on its growing nature so the survival period of any design enthusiast becomes shortened. The cutthroat competition is reducing the salaries of designers because the same design is available by some design agency or even by a freelancer. However, the tradition is still intact in big companies where they do not outsource any work to any freelancer instead they hire their own design engineers and paid them well. The earning of designer depends on experience too, higher the number of years in your resume higher will be your salary. As graphic engineering is a big discipline so the salaries of designers vary with the type and level of expertise they hold. On the side of the graphic design business, you earn based on your portfolio size and nature, and the size of your client base.

The average salary of a graphic designer

On talking about the average salary of graphic designers, I think that it would be unfair to quote the average because the salaries vary a lot. From entry-level graphic designer to experienced practitioner, from fresher to and veteran, the salaries vary. The lowest salaries for a graphic in India could be as low as Rs. 10,000 per month and as high as could be Rs.1,00,000 per month. Usually, companies require certain skills like creative thinking, knowledge of the design process, higher proficiency using design software like Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Indesign, and Corel Draw. Technical skills are nowadays easy to acquire and with sufficient time one can become master at it but the main requirements which attract a candidate to a higher salary band are the innovative thinking and creative designing skills which are rare to see. The general cost to the company package of any mid-sized design agency for a graphic designer is between 2.5 lakh per annum to 3.5 lakh per annum.

Can I learn graphic design?

Anybody can learn any kind of designing whether it is graphic designing, logo designing, home designing, architectural design. In order to learn anything, we need to understand the requirements of the course. Graphic design requires an enormous level of patience and time. It is not something that can be learned in a 2 or 3-week summer vacation but it requires a necessary amount of time and practice to learn the basics of it. Practice is the crucial thing in any course of designing because it is completely a practical subject that can be understood better only by applying the basics of designing. In today's era of technology, it is possible to learn anything from anywhere so it applies to graphic designing as well. One can learn the design using plenty of available digital resources with the comfort of their bed. Whatever medium you are preferring for learning graphic design, you must have adequate time for practicing and enough patience to get your craft to excel. Proper structure and scheduling are necessary during the learning phase.

Is graphic designing hard or easy?

Is riding a bicycle easy or hard for you? The most obvious answer is "Absolutely easy" but, why easy? If we deeply think about our own answer then it is observed that riding a bicycle is now easy because we had put in an adequate amount of time learning it. We have fallen multiple times but got up again and again, we have overcome the obstacle that comes in our path with the help of a tool-"handle and brakes" We were too passionate about learning to ride the bicycle the first time we saw someone riding it. The same principle of learning applies here too. If you love graphic designing and are still passionate like the old kid graphic designing would be easy for you. just like obstacles on road, designing may encounter some challenges too but if you are aware of your design tools then it will be easy for you to overcome those challenges. Today, graphic designing becomes a lot easy and innovative because of the invention of design software. All you have to have a good command over the tools of the software and then you can design anything you want, To some people design process may seem hard but like a cycle, you have to fall multiple times to learn and become a master of it.

How do I get into graphic design with no experience?

Just like any other profession, graphic designing is a popular and ancient profession practiced by lots of people around the globe. To adopt something or join into an unknown field one should shart with reading. Yes, read as much material you find online, stress your mind to generate more questions, and type them on google. Read blogs, biographies, and articles on the interest and understand the pathway of getting into the field. After acquiring an appropriate understanding of the functioning of the field, learn the basics of graphic designing using free online resources. Learn what essential skills will be required in the future to become a master of this course. Learning basics will solidify your intention towards designing and will strengthen you to overcome any obstacles. After getting knowledge, talk about it and listen too, which means get social. Join an online community of designers or network with people working in the same field. People are the greatest resource for learning things. Enroll yourself in a full-time graphic designing course. Join reputed coaching and start practicing your skills. Practice and practice enough so that you can create more and more pleasing designs. Present your designs to your mentor and network, collect feedback and improve. Once you acquire enough confidence, try building your portfolio and sell your creativity. 

How can I learn graphic design at home?

Yes in today's world of internet connectivity and online resources one can learn graphic designing from home also. I am considering that you want to learn without going into a design school. Here I have two ways of learning graphic designing with the comfort of your couch. The first one (a bit easy), find a reputable design institute that can teach a complete graphic designing course in the distance learning mode. Today, it is easy to find distance learning institutes for graphic design but your task is not to create a list of such institutes using your skills of google search but you have to dig deep to find the right institute. The second method of learning graphic design from home is by creating your own design course with the help of the internet and free resources. The first method may transfer all stress to your coach but the second one required you to put in the effort. Find free online courses, collect digital resources like books, tutorials, useful site URLs,s and people. Plan and schedule your learning time and hours.

What skills do you need for graphic design?

If you're a beginner in graphic designing then there is only one skill you will be required initially in order to become a master. The one skill is patience. Yes, a lot of freshers do not have such special skills, they lose interest, they lose temper, they lose positivity during the journey due to a lack of patience. The field of designing requires the application of creativity and involves open-ended design thinking, which is not developed overnight. It requires repetitive efforts to learn the art of presenting what there in your mind. If you're practicing graphic designing as a professional then you must have time management skills because someone rightly said, time is money. If you're able to manage time well and have a few organizational skills then no one can stop your design career from growing. It will be obvious to mention that a person should be comfortable using IT tools because today everything is developing using the internet and laptops so one should be efficient in using design software. Lastly, the basic task of any graphic designer is to provide a solution to complex communication problems using visual communication so skills of communication is a must.

Important skills for graphic designing:

  • IT skills, computer skills
  • Creativity and innovative thinking
  • Time management
  • Attention to details
  • Communication

How can I be a graphic designer?

Graphic designing in the simplest language possible.


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