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If you're looking to hire a graphic designer, have a look at Design Stripes before you go further. From custom-made logos to professional brand logo designs, we can help you find the best graphic designs at cheap and affordable pricing. Revamp your digital marketing with Design Stripes graphic designing service.

What design stripes are offering in graphic designing services?

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Design Stripes is a new design agency in India, which is working for 5 years in this creative industry. We are known for our thought-provoking designing process and creative designers. At present, our client base is small, but we have many satisfied customers who had used our graphics designing services once. The most common feedback we have received from our respected customers is our good customer handling and curious design questioning. Our design consultants are highly skilled in understanding the requirements of customers and their businesses. 
We at design stripes feel that a problem once understood clearly makes designers eligible to present a worthy solution and that's why we focus most of our time understanding the problem statement.

Design stripes provide multiple design services across the globe, thanks to internet connectivity and the cooperation of customers dealing online. Graphic design services are our core business and we are practicing graphic making since our inception. We offer a list of graphic development services like marketing graphics, identity graphics, business essential graphics, motion graphics, art & illustration, and advertising graphic designs. 

The question here is not what kind of services we are offering and who are delivering these services but the main question is what special we are giving our customers to make their experience delighted?. The question to this answer is quite easy for us. But before coming onto the exact answer let's ask 2-3 questions to ourselves. Is it worth choosing an agency that offers a design solution by completely listening to our problem?.  Do you want to pay for getting a design or getting an effective visual solution that aligns best with your business needs?

The above questions can help you choose a better design agency. We offer free online design consultations every week so I invite you to join and see what we are capable of delivering. P.S the design consultation may help you get answers to all your queries.

When will a customer get its project completed?

We understand that time is a very crucial element in the success or failure of any business. We also understand that nobody can wait after paying for the services. We recognize various elements that cause a delay in the design process and its effects on customer experience. Design Stripes works very deliberately while handling the marketing and designing projects. We have responsible design engineers who are highly skilled in meeting deadlines without compromising the quality of work. We are consistently working on eliminating the delay in the design process by implementing an automated process. 

Designer completing the successful design project

Our design consultants ensure that the time elapsed in questioning and interviewing for a graphic design would be as minimum as possible. We keep the customer's communication of requirements, needs, and expectations through our well-qualified design consultants. With all due application of improving measures, it is difficult to predict the exact time before commencing the project. As per our industry experience in the designing field, we assume a commencement of any design process just after we understood the client's expectation and problem statement. So it becomes very obvious that the larger the problem and higher the expectations, the more time will be required to deliver the satisfactory design outputs.

As we offer multiple services under the head domain of graphic designing, it obvious that the time required for the completion of designs varies from type of design to design and the level of complexity of the problem. Design Stripes recommends, first discuss thoroughly your marketing objectives and related challenges to our design consultants. Discuss the scope of design development with designers and then ask for the estimated design time for your order. The more quickly we will able to recognize the challenges involved more quickly we will be able to provide effective solutions to you, so share your design expectations openly.

Why should I choose only design stripes?

“People don’t buy what you do; they buy why you do it.” That quote comes from Simon Sinek, author of the book, Start with Why. Design Stripes strongly believes in this simple yet effective quote. We know that there are many design agencies out there who are equally qualified in providing designing services ranging from graphic design services to logo conceptualizations. We also know that we are not an antique company with some magical services but what we better know is ourselves. We may be a new company providing exceptionally good design service but we are a team of strongly driven enthusiastic designers.

Office setup of a graphic designer

It is nearly impossible to write in words, what makes us stand apart from me because we are a design service provider so what makes us best in the industry is how we manage our customer challenges. We consider Design Stripes as a synonym for creativity and we worship this thing all the time. Our innovative designs, creative thought process, and precise application of visual aids make us a suitable design company. Our design packages are the most affordable if compared with the quality of output our excellent graphic designer produces.

You may find dozens of design company websites speaking of the charges and deliveries but we are the only company that focuses on reliable customer relationships and expanding design portfolio. Our graphic designers do not get excited about salaries but they do get elevated with the challenging design problems that we receive from customers. So design services are the only service that you can differentiate only after experiencing the service and the thought-provoking creative design outputs developed from our excellent graphic designers. So book a free design consultation now, and understand why our customers repeat their orders and refer others.

Where will I get these services?

Design Stripes is an online graphic designing company, we do not offer any physical visits to our offices or any kind of meeting services. We have a team of designers who works both remotely and in offices. Our any designing services are provided through online consultations and meeting only. To let us serve you our best designing service we request you for an online meeting through any of the suitable video conferencing platforms at any convenient time. Our process of creating design involves a thorough investigation of design requirements, their effect on your business, and the marketing objectives associated with it. So you can book an appointment any time through our website or customer care and our team will be on your feet to help you in fulfilling your design needs.

The various services of graphic designing

We are grateful for the extent of technology in today's world, the connection between different parts of the world is now possible because of better internet connectivity, a higher number of internet users, and the simple design of websites. We cherished this benefit of the internet by delivering our services worldwide. This is helping our graphic designers to understand the design theory from different cultures and different sectors.

AS mentioned above, we provide everything online whether it could be graphic design quotations or the logo design sample, we deliver them in the most suitable digital formats. Our graphic design branding packages are so designed in a way to satisfy the challenges that occur in online consultations. We have a well-structured plan to deliver the best design service by understanding your desires and needs. All you have to do is to block a suitable time and register an appointment with our creative consultants and our team will handle all the backstage stuff required to provide you an excellent designing experience with our unique methods.

Who will create my graphic designs?

Before focusing on the answer to the above question let's concentrate on how stuff is designed. The need for a design occurs when there is some challenge or a problem occurs in our work. What challenges or problems can occur in my business or work? Well, there could be any challenge that may occur in your business that requires immediate implementation of a solution by using design, but for sake of understanding, a visibility challenge in business is one of the major problems that we face today. A business runs because of the attention of a customer. So our graphic designing services can help you get noticed. 

Graphic engineer sitting on the system working on designs

Design Stripes can help you in designing a new advertising campaign by redefining your business theme in a completely new design format. We can do a lot more in the field of designing but the question is how we are gonna provide you all the services that we have listed on our service page. So we have a team of excellent peoples, who are responsible for the delivery of our services in the most satisfactory manner. We have logo consultants, branding consultants, advertising and marketing campaign managers, and experienced graphic designers.

Whatever the service we have provided your or will provide you in the future are because of the efforts of our team. Your designs need are understood by our consultants and then communicated your business challenges to our experienced team of marketers and designers, Collectively we all work on your design project and get your creations delivered on time. Your designs are made by highly qualified designers, who have experience of a minimum of 5 years and are building design stripes the best design agency in India. So respect your excitement and enthusiasm for your brand and we care to meet your expectations.

Which design package will suit my requirements?

There are many ways to choose our design packages but here We will focus only on 3 simple ways to select a design package for your leading business enterprise. Before we discuss the methods of selection, we want you to have a brief understanding of our graphic designing packages. The most important thing about our packages is that they are not developed to generate better sales by engaging customers into one or other design services but they are created to help you and your company to get the best services out from Design Stripes. Our services are distributed based on the size of the business, marketing levels, and design load.

Design Stripes spends 60 % of time consulting a customer and the rest in designing pleasant graphics so it is not a big question to stress on. During our initial and mid consultations, we suggest to customers a suitable plan based on their needs and requirements. We offer them a couple of different plans if they wish to see other design alternatives. You can check the complete list of design service packages from here but we strongly suggest you to once take a free consultation from our design experts to ease the process out.

Here are the 3 simple ways to select a designing service package from any company: Know yourself before starting. Yes, it is very helpful if you have a better understanding of your product, services, and business before choosing a plan. 2. Plan a budget: A marketing project can exhaust all your business capital in one go if you decide to put in designing an advertisement. So, make a flexible budget for your graphic design and adjust it based on the availability of design services in the market. 3. Trust experts: if you faced difficulty in the above two methods then keep faith in design stripes experts, we will suggest a suitable service package based on your budget, need, marketing requirements.

How much will you charge for your excellent designs?

Don't worry! Design Stripes is the most affordable design agency in India. Business and startups outsource their design requirements only because of a better cost-benefit analysis than other design companies. Design Stripes is an online company that supports us in minimizing the expense involved in operating through multiple branches. Our one of the objective is affordable designs which we are exercising since 5-years. We charge only what keeps our designers motivated and energized to create more pleasant and attractive graphic designs. The definition of affordability does not mean that design stripes provide cheap graphic designing services. Our graphic designer put 110 % effort into creating a unique design.

Design stripes is value for money

The charges of graphic designs vary from company to company and simplicity to complexity in problem. Design Stripes have a non-negotiable proposal for every business entity whether it is a small business enterprise or a large well-established corporation. We do not charges based on the size and potential of the client but we evaluate the design based on the efforts our designers going to put in to embark on another excellent design in the portfolio. Keeping the mantra of affordability in mind, having the advantage of an online designing agency we offer a no denial proposal to our respectful customers.

However, if you're are curious to evaluate the design stripes graphic design charges, then check out our graphic design services. We have multiple plans that cost differently. Our later portion of the first consultation involves suggesting a better plan to meet design requirements. You can check out the various plans, analyze the benefits provided in each service, select the scale of your project and let the rest part of the cost evaluation to our graphic design consultants. A close approximation of pricing will be evaluated at the time of consultation and an exact figure of expenditure can be evaluated after the creation of the service proposal.

For any other queries related to our graphic designing services you can check frequently asked questions or contact us


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