[Logo Guide] How to evaluate a logo design and review it.

Assess your logo design and check if it is worthy or not.

The logo is a symbolic or pictorial representation of any company or brand. It is the identity of a business for which it creates brand awareness. A logo design is simply the presentation of a logo with its context. Every company invests a lot of money in marketing and advertising to create awareness among potential customers. The result of aggressive marketing if in turn results in no brand recognization then it will be a huge loss. It is essential to check whether your logo design possesses certain characteristics to make it great. The biggest question is how to evaluate a logo design?

Client thinking about how to evaluate a logo design?One should evaluate its design, orientation, and appearance before finalizing a logo. Here in this guide, we have given some sort of important information to consider while determining the quality of your logo design.

To know how to evaluate a logo design, learn the difference between a good and a bad logo

What is a good logo?

The best logo represents a design that is aesthetically pleasing, presentable, clear in communicating the brand's message. A best-designed logo is one that exhibits certain good characteristics of a logo design along with its attractive appearance. It is significant to identify the superior quality logo design by its core elements such as color, size, and shape. A person who once learns the art of evaluating the difference between a bad and a good logo will never get cheated by freelancer logo makers.

If you are the responsible person for marketing your company then you need to judge every design before sanctioning approval. The logo maker and the client while communicating can assess the quality of superior design. The process of assessment gets completed after a client approves the logo design as satisfactory. While creating a good logo, a designer must maintain the brand perspective in mind. The designer should check the designing time to time to see if things are up to the mark or not. The best logo service company will provide adequate, clean, and fine quality design to their clients.

The five things every good logo design must possess:

  1. Memorable
  2. Adaptable
  3. Uniqueness
  4. Simple
  5. Timeless

Judge every design based on the above-listed points. Check if something is missing or skipped. Designing a good logo is not an easy feat. It takes time for both designers and the client to examine and evaluate the characteristics that make a logo design good.

What makes a good logo?

A good logo is a sign of superior designing skills and a reputed design agency. A design company needs to know what kind of features makes a logo design superior. A client will only refer more customers if your logo developer is skilled at crafting excellent designs. The thoughtful conversation between the client and the designer starts the judgment of the logo. An innovative approach can infer the objectives and requirements of the client. A satisfactory logo design comes after a thorough investigation of the business enterprise, effective collaboration of graphic designers, and creative output of the so-called best designing service agency.

To make a good logo great, the designer has to include the company's tradition or culture into it in a blended form. The best practices for making better logos always involve the creative application of the brand's message. Professional logo designers have a habit of adding the company's core message clearly and memorably. They blend it in a way that it did not affect the overall aesthetics of design yet present a fine combination of art and graphics. The balance between the essential elements of a logo determines the uniqueness and goodness of a design.

A perfectly oriented craft that is easy to recognize, effortless to memorize, and timeless to apply is the correct example of a good company logo as per the logo design guidelines. A logo design is appreciated only when it is useful in making a big brand bigger. A design that is not versatile, distinctive, or practical is not a good logo.

How do I make a good logo?

So you have understood the definition of a good logo and the core principles that make a design class apart. If you're into a professional designing business or just started your career to become a professional logo developer one day then, you need to understand how can we make better designs. Before proceeding, it is crucial to remember that design becomes better by applying good logo designing practices as per the aesthetics design guidelines. To make the best logo one should have adequate knowledge of the logo conceptualization and branding. You can make a good logo design by keeping an acronym in mind widely known as SMART-Specific, Marketable, Aesthetical, Readable, and Timeless. 

The person making the logo design after knowing how to evaluate a logo design
To make a good design, keep your logo specific to the company's core branding message. Adjust the message only if required otherwise make changes in design while keeping the message intact. A superior logo is easy to advertise in the market. People responsible for creating brand stories often use their official logo to create a memorable impact. To make your logo designing acceptable, make your design more user-friendly by creating its aesthetics to the eyes and effortless to read. An accessible and easy to recognizable design is always the first choice of happy customers. It requires very high attention to make a good logo so try making a design pattern that is evergreen means a figure which is good in marketing as well as advertising. Make your design timeless to make it clean and superior

What is a bad logo?

A bad logo design is something that fails to fulfill the core functionality of the logo is presented. A logo is said to be a bad logo if it has some deficiency of excellent design. There are many examples of the worst logo designed ever in the market but they can be an inspiration for other designers to not repeat those flaws. A poorly designed logo is unacceptable by the client and the customers. Terrible logo design not only fails to attract an audience but also fails to convey the right brand story behind the success of the business. A bad logo design consists of some common elements which are either in disproportion or poorly executed.

Few logo design mistakes that occur frequently in every awful logos are 

  • Unbalanced shape and size of the logo.
  • Improper usage of graphic fonts.
  • Pathetic color combinations
  • Faulty color gradients.
  • Confusing structure and fonts
  • Substandard brand presentation
  • Unpleasant appearance and failure to influence
  • Unproportante size and shape

A bad logo is a result of unthoughtful design thinking, improper research on a company's function, unclear brands objective, and often the miserable application of logo design guidelines. A logo designing is the process of deep thinking with the simulation of design alterations. A bad logo makes a bad reputation for any design agency. Creating confusing and complex designs leads to poor logo designs. One should use the guidelines ineffective way and must evaluate his design from time to time. A bad logo can be converted into a good logo by redefining the structure and the elements.

What makes a bad logo?

Liking or disliking something is an objective choice that depends on individual to individual based on personality type and other choice influencing factors but a design that is outdated and substandard is simply called a bad logo. Several factors combine to form a bad design. Complex logos are often labeled as the worst logo design because they become very hard to understand and comprehend completely. A logo design that is too much detailed often leads to confusion. They may be an example of pure utilization of designing software but they never are considered as a good logo.

To evaluate the bad logo design, one should first judge its imagery, whether it is overcrowded with lots of editing effects or placed simply as plain. Analyze if the overall arrangement of the logo is not vague otherwise it will look miserable. Try to get more reviews of your design before finalizing it. A generic logo design type usually makes a logo look bad. There could be many factors but one factor that is enough to make a logo bad is the inadequate use of theme. The improper or bad theme used in the designing process can lead to the creation of the worst logo. 

Try searching for bad logo examples and find the common mistakes that we have covered above. See how an ugly arrangement can make a logo look unpleasant. You can better evaluate only if you try spotting the mistakes in the design using design principles.

What are the two types of logos?

There are various types of logo styles that are widely used in the market by excellent graphic designers. The types of logo design vary by the method of its creation and output we received from designing. There are no fixed categories for logo designs but the designer has distinguished different types of the logo into 7 types: Abstract, Monogram, Wordmark, Pictorial Mark, Mascots, Emblem, Combination Mark. We at Design Stripes consider only two variety of logo styles-a good logo, and a bad logo. The other technical terms of the logo are not a concern for the users. They either gets a superior quality logo or a terrible kind. Here in this blog, we are focusing on the evaluation of the design. Until now we have understood how to judge a logo design based on certain characteristics and features. Using the above concept we will categorize 2 types of logos only.

A good logo is an example of fine craft and exceptionally competent creativity. The best logo not only serves its purpose but also acts timelessly to promote the brand in the long run. On the other hand, a badly designed logo fails to capture the attention of customers and also defaults to communicating the brand message. One should look at all types of logo alteration and judge by themselves if the variety and types of logos in graphic designs are good or bad? Once we got the art of judging a logo we can evaluate the costing and efforts of the logo maker easily.

What are the 5 characteristics of a logo?

The characteristics of a good logo are the key feature which designer has included in the design. Using the essential traits while crafting a great logo ensures richer quality. Many features are required to evaluate the logo design but here were considering only five characteristics of a logo.

The 5 attributes every good logo design must possess:


One of the most important properties of a great logo. A logo design and pattern must be touchy and memorable so that businesses can take advantage of longer recognization. 


A logo design is considered adaptable when it is designed taking care of accessibility features in mind. A design that can be read and understood by a child to an aged person qualifies the adaptable feature.


The main and essential feature of logo design is its uniqueness. A design that is copied or a substitute for another design will create a problem in recognition of the brand. A unique logo is important in several places in the business.


As we have discussed in our recent article about the "trends of graphic designing", simple designs are the top priority of every logo maker. Simplicity in design makes it attractive and elegant. This element must be present not in logos but all types of graphic designs.


A timeless attribute is the main factor behind the success of popular companies. Logo designing is a one-time occurring event for any company. Rarely, business enterprise frequently changes their logo. Taken this fact in mind a design that can be suited to the passage of time is defined as the best logo design.

What are the golden rules of logo design?

Golden rules are basically the set of guidelines created by the design community based on the feedback received from clients and their own personal experiences. These logo guidelines help designers to concentrate on the best practices of logo designing. To learn how to evaluate a logo design one must have the proper understanding of these rules. Read our in-depth article on golden rules in logo designing.


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