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What are the golden rules of logo design?

Every profession in the world is governed by some rules and guidelines to keep the professionals on the right track. Logo designing is not very different than popular professions. Although, we have heard that a creative job does not have rules and boundaries. It is true, but there are too many distractions to the great logo makers in today's market. Because, graphic designing trends are very dynamic these days, changing multiple times within a year. So, to keep the concentration of logo makers in right place, we have some golden rules of logo design to follow:

The best golden rules of logo design created by design stripes

A solid groundwork always pays well.

A common challenge to designer these are pressure and tight deadlines to complete to creative work. As we said, earlier that a creative job cannot have boundaries or rules but a professional service works under these attributes. Due to less time, designers do a superficial investigation of the client's miserable requirement. In-depth research about the company and through questioning can help logo makers create an effective design. The top rule in logo designing is to take enough time in laying solid groundwork for the design project.

Don't forget traditional sketching

It is easier to accept the help of design software in creating the initial sets of graphic design. Many logo designers work with laptops only. They have forgotten the use of pencils or sketch pens for drawing the initial layout of the logo. The golden rules of logo design state that we should use traditional sketching for drafting the initial design concept before importing the design to the advanced design software.

Form a great logo concept

It is essential to develop a context of the design after understanding the requirements and objectives. Make a habit of doing logo conceptualization once a problem is understood. It will align the process in the right direction. A concept once created can be altered later on based on the feedback given by the client.

Maintain logo personality

Keep the relevancy of logo design high. Ensure you are checking the relevancy from time to time. Maintaining the personality of the design is important for both client and the designer.

Readability & accessibility

A design is good only when it is suitable for its audience to read and comprehend. Remove the complex elements from your design, worship the simplicity religiously. A logo design that can be understood by a child to an aged person makes it great.

Alive logo design

A logo design must be cheerful in itself. It should have characteristics of self-explanation. A design that speaks in itself makes it competent and reliable. A speaking logo possesses the ability to express a brand message clearly. Alive logo adds fun to the designing and the unique USP to the business to earn from logo promotions. Alive designs are memorable and timeless.

Deep Visualization

It is important to visualize your success before reaching the finish line. These golden rules apply in logo designing too. After developing a concept for the design, take some time apart and think deeply about the final design. Start visualizing feedbacks and criticism. Become the brand ambassador for sake of imagination and picture how your creativity appears to the world.

Coherence with the brand

The golden rule of logo design must have a common trait of keeping the brand message intact. A coherent logo with the company's personality and culture make it effective and impactful during promotional campaigns.

Don't fear taking a risk

These golden rules are indicative, not subjective to be must comply with. The golden rules are created to keep the designer's focus on ethical practice however it is important to take risks going beyond the rules. Follow uniqueness in every design. Create a new theme, try bold color combinations and practice true creativity.

Monochrome to colorful

It is a popular practice often used by great logo designers to make logos without colors. Crafting a sketch first then adjusting the gradient and color make it more pleasant and effective. A design started with color can create complex obstacles before the conclusion of the design. The widely accepted belief states that we should treat the logo as neutral. Colors add a bias to the conventional designing.

Unleash what you love (top golden rules of logo design)

If the foundation of the logo design is solid following the above principles, then follow what your heart says about the design. Dare to express your creative side by taking a calculated risk in design. As mentioned earlier the golden rules of logo design are unconfined to these many rules only. These are just flexible guidelines. One can easily bend them and create the design based on individuals' beliefs and ethics.


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